Takeru Takemoto (voiced by Takahiro Mizushima) is a lazy boy, who lives with his aunt, uncle, and cousin, Mari, due to his mom abandoning him at an early age. He doesn't really "like" the girls in his school, however, he does like one girl in particular, named Hikari.


Before the events of This Ugly Yet Beautiful World series Takeru's father died and his mother abandoned him simply saying "Mommy's been lonely" he proceeds his life being lazy and an unmotivated teenager, but is really just unsure of his place in the world. He was the one to find and name Hikari in the first episode. 

He can transform into a powerful being with super strength and appendages. He has an apparent love interest in Hikari, blushing and getting flustered when near her, and eventually admits he likes her.


Takeru appears as a simple,  average teenage boy but in reality he is fighting with his childhood tragedy inside. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Also in the last episode you can see that he has abdominal muscles or abs meaning he must have been physically fit.

Takeru mostly wears his school uniform or his delivery uniform in certain episodes he is wearing a kimono or his swim trunks. In the last episode you can find him wearing Ryou's blue delivery jacket.


He comes off as a lazy and unmotivated teenager, but is really just unsure of his place in the world. He found and named Hikari in the woods in the first episode. After finding Hikari, Takeru gains inexplicable new powers which allow him to transform into a powerful, yet primal being with incredible lethality, but has also been shown to be able to transform into something between his human and monster forms.

This power is later explained to be a result of Extended Definition. Takeru eventually develops a love interest in Hikari, ultimately convincing Hikari to spare the world for their love. It is shown that he has some feelings for Mari, but only as a relative. He is obsessed with motorcycles and wanted to take Hikari on a journey throughout the country on one.