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High school student Takeru Takemoto works part time as a (motor)bike courier. During one of his deliveries, he saw a mysterious light passing him and fell into a forest. What he had found was a beautiful girl coming out from a glowing cocoon, calling herself "Hikari." While Takeru was quite embarrassed because of Hikari's nudity, a strange monster suddenly showed up and immediately attacked the two. Both Takeru and Hikari demonstrated the power of their other selves before Takeru had a clue of what's going on.

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Kono Minikuku Mo Utsukushii Sekai

Translated in English as "This Ugly Yet Beautiful World", it is about a young boy named Takeru Takemoto, who when making deliveries with his friend, Ryou Ninomiya sees a light crash into a forest. As they explore, they notice the light is a glowing cocoon, which releases a naked girl, who due to the light, Takeru names Hikari.


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